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Fancy a colour change?

Making the most of edgy and inspiring hair colouring, our hair colour consultant is continually in training, learning the latest in the industry and producing state-of-the-art results. Using the Lakmé [link] colour brand, our product range includes Collage, Collage+, Collage Mix, Red Motion, Gloss, Chroma and K.Blonde. We offer clients a full range of colour options in foils, full colour, Manic Panic, creative colouring and Ombre. Our colourist looks at what suits you as an individual to achieve the right colour for the statement you want to make.


An easy way to maintain a colour change, foils can keep you longer between visits. Producing a more subtle result than a full colour, adoring a half or full head of foils ensures regrowth isn’t as prominent or easily spotted. Foils are an ideal colour solution for anyone seeking low maintenance tresses.

Full Colour

Drastically change the hair you were born with by sporting a full head of block colour. Full colour is rocked by most supermodels, and gives the illusion of being ‘born with it’. Our talented colourist ensures an even, colour locked finish for that sophisticated and polished look.

Manic Panic

Made famous by Kelly Osborne’s fierce purple tresses and Kylie Jenner’s colour block wigs, Manic Panic block colouring is for those who dare to stand out and let their hair do the talking. With colours ranging from bright red to cobalt blue, Kelly Osborne purple to fiery orange, those who sport this look are guaranteed to never get lost in a crowd.

Creative Colouring

Fancy a bit of fun with Manic Panic colours? Do as Katy Perry and Nikki Minaj do and use your hair as a canvas to mix two or three tones together and go crazy. With flair and an artistic eye, there isn’t much our colour consultant can’t do.


When your darker roots drastically fade into your lighter lengths, the Ombre look has worked its magic. Ombre is perfect for women with darker hair who want to maintain hassle-free, healthy locks but still achieve a trending blonde aesthetic.

We have explained five fashionable colour looks all made famous by celebrities, which we can create on anyone. If you are seeking a colour change feel free to call salon today and talk to our stylist.