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What’s trending in 2015 for special event hairstyles

Creativity is endless when it comes to transforming your hair for a any event. Irrespective of hair length or texture, hair styling with clever techniques can glamorise your locks for Instagram ready hair. The biggest trend we have seen this year in style for events and special occasions are by far the modern reinvention of braids, faux bobs, on trend colouring and extreme polished shine.


Sweet and sophisticated, the braid is so versatile that it is being worn every which way by all age groups. Once known only as a schoolgirl’s hair style of choice, we are seeing plaits used by hairdressers as an art form, arousing interest and intrigue with an otherwise classic formal hairstyle. Tousled and sexy, or tight and delicate, these wrappings of hair are being used to create sexy side dos, contemporary chignons, fancy fish braids or wrap around headbands with jewels weaved throughout.

Faux Bob

Grecian-inspired bobs are all the rage in framing gorgeous faces with their thicker texture. Often married with a loose wave, hair below the shoulder is pinned up into the neck and hidden from sight, creating an elegant and effortless faux bob that compliments formal attire. This style is usually worn by girls with longer, thinner hair who want to change up their look and create an illusion of thicker hair.


As fashion has its time and season, so too does hair and in particular hair colouring. Over the years we have seen variations of balayage and ombre, subtle and heavy highlights, parachute colouring and more recent extreme colouring. As colouring techniques and looks change there will always be one to complement your hair and life style.

Sleek & Shiny

A trend so chic it verges on corporate in nature – this mega shiny, straightened finish to hair makes clean lined structured styles look oh so chic. Twisted into a clean side bun, or rolled into structured swirls for an out of this world look, the formal and polished nature of the style makes artistic design possible with hair.

A formal event is the perfect excuse to glamorise your hair on trend.